Friday, 4 February 2011

Blood Angels project

This is a project i have set my self 2 b done by October the 15th 4 a tournament at notingham.

 I had to sadly paint the windows as i manged 2 get glue on the main window witch sucks.

yes I've got abit of a head start but i will upload the the picks agen before the tournament.
There will more then likly be changes to the end list.


  1. Is this similar tho the list i played? and isnt the tourney on the 9th?

  2. why is there a dreadnought?? and why doesn't he have a ass. cannon?

  3. i was told on the 16th.
    the dreadnought is just a point filler and it gives me sum proper anti tank

  4. Im sure its the 9th as its the same weekend as the next Throne of Skulls and Open War, poor timing to say the least but im sure turnout will be decent still and means we prob wont get any of the ultra competative gamers going as they have more suibtible events to attend. Oh and i have signed up for this to and prob taking my Ork Dread Mob list from IA8