Saturday, 29 October 2011

Throne of skulls Blood angels

Hears a Blood angels army that won best painted and best blood angels army I hav to say it was a stunning army one of my fraverits i've seen at throne skulls.

the list was;
Sanguinor (counting as sanguinius) = 275

sanguinary priest = 50

librarian Dreadnought = 175

terminator squad = 215
3 thunder hammers & storm shild
2 lighting claws

land raider = 260

8 man assult squad = 204
power fist
inferno pistal

land raider = 225
multi- melta
-35 from the assault squad

10 man assult squad = 225
2 meltaguns
power fist

rhino = 20
dozer blad
-35 from the assault squad

tactical squad = 90
no upgrads

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